Cara's Story

Cara was struggling with issues of addiction she had one child that was taken by the state, had another child she placed with a family member, and had one child on the way. She had been a meth user for a long time, had periods of clean time, but the drug always seemed to win out. Cara wasn't sure who the father of this child was - she had it narrowed down to three men all known drug users and none of them wanted anything to do with her or this baby. Facing eviction and homelessness, she was unemployed, and felt hopeless.

It took her several weeks to work up the courage to contact ASI. She said she got the information out of the phone book and liked the idea ASI served rural areas because she was a small town girl. ASI staff traveled and met with Cara in her apartment. After discussion Cara believed it was best to place this child for adoption in a family who would love the child. ASI staff also assessed Cara could benefit from living expenses to support both herself and her pregnancy and prevent her from becoming homeless.

After reviewing adoptive family profiles and meeting two families face to face she chose Nelson and Stephen a gay couple from Missouri. Nelson and Stephen were aware that Cara had used meth early in the pregnancy they extensively researched what long term effects the meth could have and they were overjoyed at the thought of being dad's. During her pregnancy they were nonjudgemental, provided Cara with living expenses to keep her from homelessness and attended as many of the OB visits as they were able to. At time or two they met Cara, picked her up and took her out for dinner - just because. During Christmas they blessed her with a small tree complete with ornaments and made sure she had proper maternity clothing and food in her cupboard. With love and support Cara stayed clean the remaining course of her pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby boy that she placed with Nelson and Stephen.

Cara relapsed on meth after her placement eventually landing in prison. She served a seven month term, while in prison she completed drug and alcohol treatment, and was released clean and sober. Rather than moving back to her home town she went to live in a half way house, in a new town, with other recovering women. Two and a half years later Cara remains clean and sober. She is working and has plans of becoming a Peer Support Specialist working with other addicts. She remains in frequent contact with ASI staff, has contact with Nelson and Stephen recieving pictures and reports on how her son is doing. Today she has contact with both of her children and has regained the support and trust of her family.

Adoption isn't the answer for everyone but according to Cara it was the right answer for her...

Placed by ASI

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