ASI is a licensed, midwest adoption agency that has remained small by design. Founded in 2001, our office is conveniently located in Jefferson City, Missouri. We specialize in serving central and rural Missouri birth mothers who live in underserved areas.

Our agency focus is not on volume or numbers but rather providing personal hands on support for birth mothers assuring them assistance in finding the right family, an honest adoptive family who can provide them the necessary support during their pregnancy. A small agency isn't for everyone; however, for some being small has big advantages.

ASI Thinks Openly

We've always understood adoptive families come in many different packages
and support adoptive services to:

  • Heterosexual Families
  • Gay and Lesbian Families
  • Single parent Families

Adoption Solutions has never and shall never discriminate on the basis of:

Race, Color, Religion (Creed), Gender, Gender Expression, Age, National Origin (Ancestry),
Disability, Marital Status, Sexual Orientation, or Military Status, in any of its services or operations.

Why Choose ASI?

Adoptive Family

  • Fewer Adoptive Families on the Waiting List
  • Shorter Wait Time for a Match
  • Less Competing with other Adoptive Families
  • Lower Overall Costs Compared to Large Agencies with Big Overhead

Adoption Services

Birth Mom

  • Personal Support from Licensed Professional Counselors
  • You Are Never a Number ASI Works with Limited Birth Mothers at One Time You Have Our Full Attention
  • You Are in Charge of Your Adoption Plan from Start to Placement
  • You Select, Get to Know, Develop a Relationship with your Adoptive Family During and After Placement
Birth Parent Services

"The woman who takes the time and effort to put a plan for adoption in place, who carefully chooses an adoptive family, and follows through with her plan loves her child and wants what is in his or her child's best interest."

-Dr. Elizabeth Page

ASI Director & Founder