Placed in 2013

"Every day I am so thankful for Liz and Adoption Solutions. The adoption process can be difficult but Liz always has your best interest at heart and goes through the process right alongside you. She is professional, knowledge and truly cares about the families and birth moms she works with. Without her dedication and her services, I would not have been able to be a mother to my beautiful daughter."

Adoptive Mother

Placed in 2014

"We are eternally grateful to Liz Page and Adoption Solutions for enriching our lives beyond words with Cristina, a bright, blue-eyed, healthy wonder who came to us in 2014. The process was as smooth as could be, with Liz, a knowledgeable and caring professional, providing information and support through all phases of the process, from home study through preliminary custody through final adoption. We can't help but maintain a relationship with Liz today, and we unconditionally recommend her agency."

-Jud & Pilar
Adoptive Family

Birth Mother

I contacted ASI to help me with a plan for adoption for my child.
Liz Page treated me like family and she was committed to the end.
Liz is very experienced working with both adoptive families and birth parents.
My daughter was born in 2013 and placed for adoption with an adoring family.
I am still in frequent contact with Liz.
I would recommend any birth mother needing guidance and considering adoption to meet with Liz I think she is great.


T & K
Adoptive Family

"Liz did an amazing job matching us with our birth mother. Additionally, she provided services above and beyond to the birth parents and us, ensuring that everyone felt respected, cared for, and assured in the process. Liz’s level of expertise in the adoption process is exceptional.

In the fall of 2012, Liz contacted our family to inform us that two birth parents were interested in our profile and would like to meet us. Liz arranged the meeting and helped all four of us feel comfortable and understand possible next steps in the process. Liz helped coordinate a match that exceeded all of our expectations. She took the time to go through background information and possible next steps with each one of us to ensure that we were all comfortable with moving forward.

Liz absolutely provided a level of personalized service to the birth parents, and us, unlike any other. She assisted the birth parents in establishing independent residence, and coordinated the best, ideal medical care for our birth mother and unborn son. Liz ensured that counseling services, options, and resources were available to our birth parents throughout the process. She was always available to answer any questions or to share updates, in a professional and caring manner. Also, Liz met us in the hospital the day our son was born. She was supportive to the birth parents and provided them with the care and concern that comes naturally to her. Additionally, after our son arrived, she stopped by to personally welcome him and congratulate us as well.

Overall, our adoption experience was one that exceeded our high expectations. Our family has referred many friends to work with Liz, and they have also experienced wonderful adoptions. Since our son’s birth, three years ago, we still continue to be in touch with Liz. Liz’s level of expertise and service is unprecedented, and we will forever be appreciative of the gift that she helped bring in to our lives."

T & K

Sean & Barb
Adoptive Family

"For over seven years we tried many ways to have children. We attempted embryo adoption, infertility treatments, once we were able to get pregnant naturally with triplets only to miscarry at eight weeks. On our own, we also tried finding birth mothers through marketing - two alleged birth mothers saw our Face book page - both cases were scams. We worked with an area adoption attorney his leads fell through. On our own we did not get very far. Broken hearted and ready to give up our luck suddenly changed! An area adoption social worker familiar with our story contacted us about a two month old baby boy through Adoption Solutions, Inc.

Liz Page, ASI Director, was helpful from our first e-mail we sent – promptly responding to us that night. The next day Liz shared our profile with our son’s birth parents, they liked us! We traveled across country, all getting together two days later. Our first meeting was nerve wracking, however Liz made us feel comfortable, she helped us start our sensitive adoption conversation, she helped us all work through some difficult issues - it was a match! Throughout our adoption ASI was knowledgeable in processing all the Missouri adoption paperwork and seamlessly coordinated ICPC. Since we were from out of state ASI arranged the legal representation for our family, our son, and his birth family. Liz even went with us and our son’s birth mother to his two month doctor’s appointment. ASI was there for us every step of the way - especially helping us cope with a couple adoption curve balls!

Every adoption has some anxiety - ours was no different. Birth parents take a huge leap of faith in placing a child for adoption. At the last minute our birth parents had misgivings; however they were able to work through their fears and follow through - we are so grateful.

Today we are in frequent contact with our son’s birth parents and his extended family. We send tons pictures and updates about him – they have our contact information and are free to contact us at any time. This summer our son’s birth parents plan to travel to visit him, they are welcome in our home, welcome to spend time with him, and welcome to be part of his life as he grows up. We promised our son’s birth parents that we would keep the name they chose for him and we have. As he grows up our son’s birth parents will always be part of his life and he will just grow up knowing his is adopted. I have put together a book for him with pictures of his biological and adoptive families.

Liz worked very hard to help our adoption go through. We recommend Adoption Solution Inc. to anyone looking into adoption.

Sean & Bard

Birth Mother

"Liz Page with Adoption Solutions, Inc. was such a big help and support during one of the roughest times in my life.
She was very profressional and helped me and the father of my child pick a wonderful and loving family for our baby.
Working with Liz we felt secure in our decision.
She helped both of us deal with the feelings that come along with making the tough decision of putting our child up for adoption."


Adoptive Father

"Our experience with Liz Page and her adoption agency has been one characterized by quality, care, and love. When we first met with Liz to discuss adoption possiblities, we experienced that she was a quality person who cared deeply about the process of adoption of kids and could work successfully navigating desires and hopes of birth parents, dreams of adoptive parents, and even care of a competent medical team.

Liz was a tremendous facilitator during our process. During our process, we encountered many terrific surprises-our relationship with Liz grew to where we felt as though she was part of our family (and still is), our relationship with our son's birth parents blossomed over the pregnancy and birth. We very much see them as part of our family. This has been a gift to us and it will continue to be a gift to our son. Though entering into this wonderful process it was our desired outcome to merely adopt, love, and care for a new son or daughter, we left with a larger, more diverse, caring, and loving family."


Nikki & Doug
Adoptive Family

"We adopted our newborn son through ASI in 2012. A few years before deciding to pursue adoption through ASI we submitted an application to a large agency in another city. We were told that it would be at least a year before they could begin working on matching us with a baby. To this day, they have not contacted us to begin that process.

Working with ASI was different. It is a small agency, and because of that, we got personalized, one-on-one attention. From the beginning, we felt hope that we hadn't felt before. Our calls were returned promptly, the adoption process was fully explained, and staff was always happy to answer our many questions.

Our son turned one year old last month. He has brought tremendous joy to our lives. We will always be grateful to ASI for helping us find him."

Nikki & Doug

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